At nobbies

Here we are at nobbies for breaky after the big move.

Just showing Graham how to use the wordpress android app.


At Sydney Airport with Hannah


there’s the door … what’s your hurry

Thanks you google for reminding me of the difference between free (as a bird) software on my computer and free (as in beer) services in your cloud!

When the developer of some program I find useful on my computer decides to change the way something works – or even stops developing and supporting the program all together – I can go on using the old version of the program for as long as I like. And since I’m using free software I or someone else can go on fixing bugs and fine tuning it if we want to. No problem!

But when you decide to discontinue or change a cloud based service that I have gotten comfortable using then suddenly (literally overnight)  I am left with no option to but to move. I can move to suit your new preferences against my own or I can move to an alternative.

So when you thought twice about your RSS reader a few months back, so did I – and made the move to tt-rss. It is tiny tiny compared to your big big, but it fits very well in a big big internet. I love it. It does what I want it to do and will continue to do what I want it to do.

Thanks for a very moving experience.