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a tear-able situation

Sorry -  I can’t resist this. From an ABC news article: ( But Ms Batmanghelidjh says many British youths have lived with that feeling of fear for their entire lives. “This happened to the public for a few days. But many of these children are chronically frightened – they get attacked in their own homes, […]

Iceland as a mini-me of the world economy

I don’t know anything about the source of this article on Iceland but it shows in microcosm what is actually going on in the world economy. Collapse is inevitable and has been for some time and the story in Iceland is typical of HOW the white-anting has occurred. It may well be that we […]


At this time of year it is not safe to ride without at least one WMD – or ‘Weapon of Magpie Distraction’ for the uninitiated. I find magpies particularly distracting while I’m riding, so I’d really like to return the favour by making a few of them feel really distracted. On many days lately when […]