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through fields of blazing lights

I woke up one morning this week with these words on my mind: Even in the darkest night we walk through fields of blazing lights. There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. and I felt like it was the light which had penetrated my dreams and woken me up. There are many of […]

mad hattedness

It’s time to put my blogging hat on. (T)hats the one that keeps the sun out of my eyes while I’m sitting on our beautiful eastward facing veranda in the morning with my netbook on my knee. (The eastward facing is beautiful – not necessarily the veranda.) My blogging hat is also my walking hat […]


At this time of year it is not safe to ride without at least one WMD – or ‘Weapon of Magpie Distraction’ for the uninitiated. I find magpies particularly distracting while I’m riding, so I’d really like to return the favour by making a few of them feel really distracted. On many days lately when […]