mad hattedness

It’s time to put my blogging hat on. (T)hats the one that keeps the sun out of my eyes while I’m sitting on our beautiful eastward facing veranda in the morning with my netbook on my knee. (The eastward facing is beautiful – not necessarily the veranda.) My blogging hat is also my walking hat and gardening hat, sometimes my climbing on the roof hat, sometimes my having a cup of tea and reading a book hat, at the moment my talking about my hat hat, but never my bike riding hat. And definitely not my driving hat – at least not yet – and I hope never. I’m not old enough for that yet – and anyway the hat doesn’t have a broad enough brim. Now my wife or one of the kids will say that I sometimes forget to take it off while I’m driving. I guess that’s how hats become driving hats – but I don’t want that to happen yet. If the hat fits, wear it. This one doesn’t quite – because like most hats its a little too small – but it does have a nice penguin on it and the words  Wellington 2010.

Pretty soon – if not already – it will be time to put spikey bits on my bike hat and get cranky at magpies again. Hopefully I’ll get a ride in later today and find out where the season is really hat.

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